Our Mission: Filling A Need

The greatest wish of every expectant parent is to bring a healthy child into the world. Recent studies indicate, however, that every year, 6% of children are born with a neurogenetic condition such as Williams Syndrome,Down Syndrome, or Autism.

As a legacy to Lili, The Lili Claire Foundation helps to ease the challenges these families face by providing a unique and comprehensive blend of support services through our Lili Claire Family Resource Centers, operated in partnership with the finest university hospitals across the country.

Danny Gans Building

The Lili Claire Family Resource Centers provide resources, support and hope for children living with special needs, and their families – throughout the US and beyond – all free of charge. Our services include diagnostic and genetics clinics; access to doctors and experts familiar with the needs and issues of these special children; and connections to other families who have similar issues and experiences. The Lili Claire Foundation provides these programs and services to all children and their families – regardless of race, economics, or location – who are affected by any developmental disability, mental retardation, or neurogenetic condition, including but not limited to Autism, Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Fragile X Syndrome.

Lili Claire takes a holistic approach to treating the family as a whole, and we know that, with early intervention, we can dramatically affect the life of a child born with special needs. Statistics show that the earlier a child receives a diagnosis, behavioral therapies and support, that child stands a better chance for leading a more fully integrated life. The special needs of the child affect the rest of the family, too. That’s why we believe so strongly in supporting the family as a whole, by providing Sibling Workshops, as well as Parent Workshops, which address issues parents face in addressing the needs of their child now, as well as planning for their future.