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How much do the Lili Claire Foundation's programs and services cost?

From it’s inception, the Lili Claire Foundation’s programs and services have been delivered to the special needs community free of charge. There is no barrier to entry, no insurance required and no fee is ever charged.

How do I access the Lili Claire Foundation's Medical Genetics Clinic?

The Lili Claire Foundation partners with leading University Medical Centers across the country to provide free Medical Genetics Clinic, Complex Conditions Clinic, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Clinic and Behavioral Therapy Clinic that are scheduled at various times each year.

How does my family request support from the Lili Claire Foundation's Emergency Fund?

You can contact us by emailing We will review your case on the merits presented and, if we believe we can help we will reach out to you with questions and requests for further documentation.

How do I get involved with the Lili Claire Foundation's programs and special events?

Please provide us with your email address in the Event Alerts section on the upper right hand corner of our home page. We will send out notices of upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and other ‘calls to action’ throughout the year.